Learn How To Earn Free Money In Dream League Soccer 2022 Easy Guide

Earning money in Dream League Soccer (DLS) is one of the most difficult tasks you will face while playing. Coins are a valuable resource that you may use to purchase players, expand your stadium, and enhance your squad. Therefore, if you are poor and you need to make a change in your team immediately, check out these strategies to gain coins in Dream League Soccer for free!

Connecting Your Facebook Account to the Game is Recommended

Dream League Soccer

Even before you take part in your first formal match, this is the first step you should take to prepare for it. Connecting Dream League Soccer to Facebook is a critical step, as you will receive approximately 100 coins for successfully completing this process.

You will need to go into the game options and select “Game settings” in order to connect the account. Once inside, select “Advanced” from the drop-down menu. Notice that the first choice refers to activating Facebook Connect, which will be deactivated by default, and that the second option refers to deactivating Facebook Connect. You will be required to enter your Facebook account information within the game in order to receive the reward!

Take Care Not To Forget To Collect The Initial Prize
Apart from joining the game to your social network, you may also collect the initial coin prize as a second step to complete the process. It is only available to new users, so if you’ve been playing the game for a long, it’s possible that you’ve already received this gift.

Despite the fact that the incentive is normally awarded automatically, this is not always the case. You can collect the bonus 1000 coins if you see that you have not yet received them; simply click on the coins symbol in the main menu to complete the task.

Always come out on top by a wide margin

It is possible to earn a large number of coins by hitting your opponents.
The ability to complete this accomplishment is dependent on your expertise as a DLS player. The first thing you need realize is that the following is true:

Losing and drawing matches earn you only a small amount of money.
Winning provides you with additional coins.
Winning by a large margin of goals entails an additional bonus that is proportional to the number of goals scored.

As a result, put in a lot of time and effort into training and practicing the foundations of the game, improving your squad, and never giving up. Avoid allowing goals and committing fouls, as both of these things will have an impact on the final outcome of the game.

Sell the players that aren’t being used

It is critical to have a team of players who are ready and prepared for any event that may arise. But there may be times when you will end up with players who you will not be able to use in your current situation. When you have players like that on your team, they serve no purpose other than to take up space, which is why you’ll want to sell them.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can use the transfer menu to sell players to whom you do not wish to use your resources. Place it in the market and you will receive a substantial amount of money in return. We recommend that you do this anytime a player is sold so that a fresh spot can be created for another person to take their place. Don’t sell before you’ve bought!

Meet Your Daily Objectives

Every match has particular objectives that you must achieve in order to win. For the most part, the tasks are straightforward, such as scoring a specific number of goals in a specific competition or league. There are both short-term and long-term objectives, and it’s worth taking a look at the list to see how many coins you can earn in the shortest amount of time.

The greater the number of jobs you complete in Dream League Soccer, the more coins you will get as rewards. Additionally, by unlocking the events and challenges area, you will have a chance to win tens, even hundreds, of coins if you place in the top three of each event or challenge. Only those that put up an effort will be rewarded in this game!

In addition, there are other achievements that will provide you with prize coins, such as scoring your first penalty kick or volley.

Upgrade the facilities at your stadium

When we’re new to the team, we have a propensity to overlook the stadium, which is a significant mistake. The cost of upgrading the stadium can be prohibitive, but it is necessary if you want to move up to the next division. In addition, the greater the stadium’s capacity for spectators, the greater the number of incentives you will receive throughout the matches.

In other words, improving your stadium is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Always pay attention to the commercials that ads after the games

Following the conclusion of a game in Dream League Soccer, advertisements are always present. For a variety of reasons, many gamers prefer to skip them or disregard them entirely. Despite the fact that it is not the most entertaining approach, you will earn 30 coins or more for a few seconds of advertisement.

The majority of these advertisements are shorter than 30 seconds in length, with some being as short as 10 seconds. We encourage you to view these advertisements since they will take up less time and you will earn more coins for watching them than you will for your performance in the match.

As a point of interest, in the version of DLS 2019 available for download, you can choose to view advertisements as many times as you want from the main menu. If you don’t mind spending 10 minutes watching commercials after commercial after commercial, you can get wealthy without putting in too much effort.

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