In VLC Player For Windows 10, Here’s How To Customize The Subtitles


The subtitles in the VLC player have been optimized for the best possible experience. As a default, they are white with a black border surrounding them. As a result, no matter how bright or dark the video you are watching is, you will be able to comfortably read the subtitles.

In Vlc Player For Windows 10, Here'S How To Customize The Subtitles

Having said that, just because the default settings are satisfactory does not rule out the possibility of customizing subtitles in VLC player. You have complete control over how they appear thanks to the app.

Subtitles can be customized with VLC

Open the VLC media player and select Tools > Preferences from the menu bar. Select the Subtitles / On-Screen Display tab. The first section has nothing to do with subtitles, but the two that follow will have a direct impact on their appearance and functionality.

Subtitles should be enabled

The “Enable subtitles” option allows you to choose the subtitle language you want to use as well as the default encoding for the subtitles. When the preferred subtitle language is specified, VLC will automatically select the most appropriate subtitle language when numerous files are available, saving time and effort.

When using VLC media players, subtitles are displayed in the bottom right corner

Effect of a subheadline

You may alter subtitles in VLC with the Subtitle Effect feature. There is a Font drop-down list that allows you to select the font that will be used to show the subtitles in. Arial is chosen as the default font; however, any font available on your system can be substituted.

The size of the typeface

The font size is determined automatically, which is beneficial if you often resize the VLC player window. But if you keep it at the same size all the time or always watch it in full screen mode, you can benefit from the ability to adjust the font size.

This is the language that the subtitles are shown in. A measurement in pixels is not given for the size. you have the option of making it smaller or larger instead

The same may be said for the outline or stroke that surrounds the caption text in this case. You can adjust the thickness of the line to your liking. It’s set to normal by default. It’s just that there are only two choices. When viewing subtitles, you should choose the “Add backdrop” option, which will add a solid color background to the text if you are still having difficulty reading them. A portion of the video behind it will be obscured, but this is normal.

Color Scheme by default

At the end, you can customize the default color and stroke color of the font by selecting them from the two color option boxes. With a full color spectrum to pick from, you can determine which of the two colors is most pleasing to your eyeballs.

VLC Player with subtitles

The subtitles are displayed in a certain location, which can be specified in pixels using the position field. The results of modifying this setting will require some trial and error before they are satisfactory.

For Windows 10, you can get VLC Player.

VLC Media Player for Android is available for free download from the official website.

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