Bitcoin 2 Moon App Review | Is Bitcoin 2 Moon Legit Or Scam?

Bitcoin 2 Moon App Review

The following is my Bitcoin 2 Moon App review;

I recently discovered another merger game that allows you to win cryptocurrencies simply by participating in it. The most irritating aspect is that you are not required to invest and put your hard-earned money at risk.

Bitcoin 2 Moon is the name of the game, and it is accessible on Google Play for Android users all over the world.

Bitcoin 2 Moon App review, in contrast to other incentive applications such as BFast Bfree and Bitcoin Food Fight, is giving away massive quantities of cryptocurrency.

It appears to be a hoax because you will receive 0.01 BTC, which is worth $370, in less than 10 minutes of gaming time. What makes it possible? Just because you’re watching a handful of videos doesn’t make you a professional?

You’ve come to this page to find out whether Bitcoin 2 Moon App review is a legitimate money-making opportunity or a complete joke!

Bitcoin 2 Moon App Review

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Bitcoin 2 Moon App Review Evaluation

Bitcoin 2 Moon is the full name of the project (aka Bitcoin to the Moon)
wangbin1983 is the creator of this work.
0.025 BTC or 0.25 ETH is the minimum payout amount.
Price: Free Overall Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

What Is Bitcoin 2 Moon App Review and How Does It Work?

Bitcoin 2 Moon App review is a highly addictive game in which you drop and combine two identical coins in order to make them larger in size.

There is no cost to use the application, and it claims to send genuine Bitcoin or Ethereum to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin 2 Moon has been downloaded over 100,000 times, the game is still considered “Early Access.”

Users will be unable to post reviews or share their thoughts on the Play Store as a result of this. People who watch the videos are being compensated by the game, which is unethical in this instance.

It is impossible to hold the developer accountable for his statements if the players are unable to post their outcomes.

What is the Bitcoin 2 Moon App Review Protocol and How Does It Work?

Upon launching Bitcoin 2 Moon App review, you are encouraged to collect 400 puzzle pieces and check-in for seven days in order to be eligible to redeem an iPhone 13 Pro.

It also includes the Bitcoin Symbol, a progress indicator, and a countdown timer starting at 24 hours.

Nothing more than sliding your finger across the coins and dropping them near another identical coin is required. When these two coins meet, they will combine to form a larger coin with a different symbol and color than either one individually.

Bitcoin 2 Moon is a video game.
A puzzle piece or 0.003 BTC will be dropped into your inventory every 5 seconds by the game. That’s more than $100 in savings!

There is no precise goal that you must achieve in order to be eligible for the reward. However, every now and then, you will drop a rare coin that may be combined with coins of any size.

This sort of coin has either a Bitcoin or an Ethereum sign on it, and it will always be eligible to get a reward when used.

In order to acquire puzzles, Bitcoin, or Ethereum, you must most of the time tap the button and view the video that appears on screen.

After 24 hours, you will be able to redeem all of the cryptocurrency you have collected through Bitcoin 2 Moon App Review. Another option is to submit a request for payment right away after attaining 0.025 BTC or 0.25 ETH in value.

You will be prompted to watch a video at some time in order to level up and have your profits multiplied by 10%.

In exchange for your Bitcoin 2 Moon App review token, you can enter to win prizes such as an Apple iPad, a MackBook Pro, or a pair of Apple AirPods!

They also promise you a free iWatch worth $499 if you check in for three days in a row at their establishment. Isn’t that crazy?

Is Bitcoin 2 Moon Legit cryptocurrency? Is It Worth It?

Bitcoin 2 Moon App review is attempting to persuade gamers that by simply playing the game for one or two hours, they will be able to earn about $1000 in Bitcoin.

A small number of people will even spend the entire night glued to their smartphones in the hopes of earning the most money possible.

The cryptocurrency will not be sent to your digital wallet, due to a limitation of Bitcoin 2 Moon.

Also, forget on winning an iPhone 13 or any other Apple product in the near future. There is no possibility of a payout, and no prize will be awarded!

After 24 hours or after exceeding the payout criteria, a large number of customers have reported seeing this.

In order to activate the order, Bitcoin 2 Moon will require the player to watch a total of 30 films. That’s a standard ruse to entice people to continue playing for far longer periods of time than they had originally planned.

Following that, they urge you to watch an additional 100 videos, with no assurance that this will be the final requirement. At this point, they have completely lost any credibility!

Afterwards, your prize will be “processing” for 359 hours; however, it should come as no surprise that each video you submit will cut the waiting time by 1 hour.

To be sure, they aren’t serious about rewarding people that successfully accomplish all of the duties! Due to the fact that the developer operates from another country, he is under no obligation to process incentives for anyone

Is There a Better Alternative to Bitcoin 2 Moon than Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are sent from some games to the player’s Coinbase account in a few cases. My reference is to the games made by Bling, such as Bitcoin Blocks, Bicoin Pop, and a few others, among others.

After attempting a few of them, I was able to receive money, but it was just for $0.03 worth of Bitcoin.

As a result, they are only appropriate for individuals who already enjoy playing games of a similar nature.

If money is your first objective, you’re far better off joining a network like Prizerebel where you can earn money quickly. It is completely legitimate and completely free!


Spending your time playing Bitcoin 2 Moon App review in the hope of winning cryptocurrency is a waste of time. They are nothing more than little pixels on your phone screen!

In order to earn genuine Bitcoin, this is not an appropriate possibility, as the amount is incompatible with the company strategy.

I believe the creator has the financial wherewithal to pay only one gamer out of thousands, but why would he do so?

Due to the lack of a payment requirement, many developers get away with creating fictitious money games.

None of them can be held liable for advertising a money-making opportunity but failing to pay anyone who signs up for it. I’ve evaluated hundreds of games on this blog, many of which will not transfer even a single coin, let alone thousands of dollars! Bitcoin 2 Moon App review.

Because of inadequate rules, such reprehensible corporate practices continue to frustrate millions of users all around the world.

For the time being, the only method to assist individuals is to submit reviews in order to increase awareness. I’m doing my part to help! Subscribe Now

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